Why Ploggeo?

Ploggeo should not exist!! but we could not remain arms crossed and let it happen! Our forests, beaches, streets and parks are getting more and more trash…nature is suffering because human beings are irrespectful and unconscious about the damage they are causing. Plastics, glass and other materials are polluting the roots of our trees, are reaching rivers and oceans, becoming the new environment of our wonderful wildlife. A single & unconscious act repeated thousands of thousands of times causes a big impact.

We wanted to be part of the change and make sure that a single positive act could also have its own big impact. Fortunately, we are more and more having conscious of the urgency of the situation and several actions are taking place to prevent, clean, transform the trash…

We decided to make those little acts at the grasp of each of us. Plogging comes from Sweden and is a combination of  „plocka upp“ (to pick up) and „jogging“. While going for a run, the ploggers are equipped with bags and gloves so that they can collect trash safely.